New Technology and me!

I’ve put a lot of consideration into how technology has affected me.  In a lot of ways, I realize, I’m sort of behind the curve.  In a world where over 50 million+ people own a PS 3, I find myself content with my Playstation 2.  In a lot of ways, realistically, things like ‘the Console Wars’ and the race for new technology haven’t affected me.  My iPod is the same one I had five years ago, and it still serves its base function admirably despite a few quirks.  My Playstation 2 still works fine, and I still get more enjoyment out of reading a good book than sitting around a console mashing buttons.  Naturally, however, there have been changes.  As a proud laptop owner, I am part of the twelve million+ people of the 18-24 age group who use Facebook.  In essence, the way that I socialize with people has drastically changed.  With the ability to communicate with friends several hundred or thousand miles away, my horizons have broadened in ways that even 10 years ago I never would have thought was possible.  So even for those of us who like to stay behind the curve, if only a little bit, technology continues to change who we are.  An interesting thing to note, eh?


About thetcommlion

I am a telecommunications major at Ball state University, utilizing this blog as a means to study the state of the business and analyze it.

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