Innovations in TV: Gotta keep interest somehow!

OK, we’ll be honest.  In my last blog, I showed that TV is still alive, and sort of glossed over the reasons why.  I think it’s high time that we offered some detail.

First off, we have to look at IPTV.  IPTV, Internet protocol television, is essentially an innovation that allows you to access internet media through your HDTV.  Twitter, Pandora, Youtube, and so many other web applications can stream their content to your fancy-pants television.  The best part is, they’re moving slowly to free content as advertising becomes their primary source of revenue.

Now, I can read your minds (believe me, I can).  “Why would I want this when I can access the content when I can use my computer to access the same info?”  The answer is simple: quality.  HDTVs still enjoy an overall higher quality, and since we as a people place higher value on quality, Television has a certain level of safety placed within it.  But how does all this change the world, you ask?  For the same reason that TV changed the world back in the 60’s.

Think about it, back in 1960, John F. Kennedy essentially won the presidential election because of TV.  His more casual, youthful appearance made him simply more appealing than Nixon was, which gave him just that edge he needed.

Seriously, which one would YOU have voted for?

With the new innovations happening now, with higher definition and more media accessibility, our access to information is better than ever before.  Higher quality gives more attractive people a new edge, and is actually starting to replace natural charisma as a driving force… with natural exceptions, of course.

Sorry, Mr. President, no one voted for you for your boyish good looks

In addition, most information can now be accessed with a few clicks of a remote control, all while in the comfort of our couches.  TV is, now more than ever, a lazy man’s dream.


About thetcommlion

I am a telecommunications major at Ball state University, utilizing this blog as a means to study the state of the business and analyze it.

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