How do you save the music industry?

So recently, I watched a couple of  videos.  I don’t have much time to post, so I’m going to keep it brief.

We’ll start with what my iCOM 101 (I like doing the lowercase i… like iTunes!) teacher called the ‘Moby’ video.  Basically there were three take home points in it:

  • Record companies will not be around in 5 years like they were.  Essentially, in five years, the record industry will completely change, and it’ll be sink or swim.
  • Music business is becoming more evenly spread between musicians.  No longer do those record companies hold 99.9995 percent of the pie.  Everyone else has a shot, too.
  • The record companies are to blame for their own demise.  They brought it on themselves by not evolving.

We move on to a video that was entitled “How do we save the music industry.”  This time, there are five points to remember:

  • There needs to be a constant flow of new music to keep people interested.
  • Because of point 1, radio has more potential to succeed than it ever has.
  • CDs were an awful time for music.  Quality took a major hit for the sake of getting records out.
  • Unless your music is going to see top 40 air play, don’t sign with a record label.  You’ll be selling your soul for nothing.
  • All future media has to be interactive and portable, or else people will get bored.
  • Most importantly, music is not dying, or even broken.  It’s just changing, and people have to adapt to that.

What do you think?  I’d like to know what you think is broken, if anything, and how we could fix it.  Just post in the comments section and let us all know!


Edit:  I’ve changed my mind.  Music is dead and this video proves it.


About thetcommlion

I am a telecommunications major at Ball state University, utilizing this blog as a means to study the state of the business and analyze it.

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