The Three Day Blog Blitz: Episode 2: Big Wig Blitz

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for day two of the three day blog blitz!  We shall start today off with a video!

Why is Foreign Aid Important? from The Gates Notes on Vimeo.

The video above does more to highlight what Bill Gates has been up to than anything I could ever write in the history of ever.  Mr. Gates has been pushing his philanthropic endeavors farther and farther with each passing year, and in the video, he really does do a good job of explaining why.  As he notes, the economy is in a precarious state, and it is the responsibility of the richer to do what is necessary to get it going again.

This, of course, does not mean that this is his only major project.  In one of the other videos on his blog, Gates talks about the need for better batteries as we move closer to solar and wind based power.  With the current solutions not working, he went to a professor from MIT named Donald Sadoway for help.  From all of this came the plans for the Liquid Metal battery.  The battery, Saloway explains, utilizes specific liquid compounds to get better results with a smaller battery.  Innovations such as these could go a long way in solving the energy crisis.

Moving on, we look at the recent works coming from Google.  Google recently held an ‘E-town awards’ for European countries.  Now, while this doesn’t seem extraordinarily important, it actually is the pinnacle of a great deal of tracking of the most impressive web developments from the European cities.  What it actually found was pretty incredible.  Instead of the large urban areas coming out ahead, many of the smaller towns proved to be greater in these senses.  What was discovered was that small businesses tended to thrive in the more suburban areas, as opposed to the gigantic municipalities.

The graph above was pulled from Google’s blog.  As you can see, over ten billion apps have now been downloaded.  With that in mind, Google has partnered with several app companies to create even better apps at what at the time was extraordinarily low prices.  Through these new apps, innovation was able to be pushed forward even farther than before.  As we move forward with our technology, one has to wonder how Google and Microsoft will continue to evolve with the times.


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I am a telecommunications major at Ball state University, utilizing this blog as a means to study the state of the business and analyze it.

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